We provide Pets Grooming and Daycare services with passion

Fluffy Hearts SG aims to provide your fur pals with the utmost experience, providing both reliable and rejuvenating experience for your pets.

We use only premium products that are all natural to make sure your pets feels, looks, and smells amazing.

We strive to not only provide the best service to your pet but to you, as the owner, as well. Making sure that you feel relaxed and assured of our services.


What we do

We provide many pet grooming services such as bath and fluff, basic and full grooming, spa, and daycare centre.

Pets Grooming

We only take one job at a time to make sure your fur pal come and go happy and they will receive our groomer's full attention. Our grooming uses not only Shampoo but uses Premium Shampoo, Conditioner, and Detangler.

Bath and Fluff

Bath and release of anal gland, blow drying and brushing of furs

Basic Grooming

Bath and fluff with nails cutting, ears cleaning, fur removal, paw pad fur shaving, sanitary area shaving, releasing of anal gland, blow drying and brushing of furs.

Full Grooming

Styling with Basic Grooming

Daycare Centre

Free roaming and play time with friends.


Fizzy CO2 Spa

  1. Cleansing off all sticky sweat, sebum, and mineral waste.
  2. Rid of pet odour & stale fats sticking to mineral waste that gets trapped in your pet's fur coat and between the paw pads.
  3. Improves health and immunity as it helps to expand blood vessels to promote increased blood flow. Your pet's metabolism subsequently increases, resulting in improved immunity.
  4. Makes the fur coat resilient while adding volume and a silky touch to it. Negative ions make the tissue surface shiny.
  5. Ensure your pet's skin maintains an alkaline pH level.

Ayu Herb Spa

  1. Gain fluffy and shiny fur coats with 2 weeks of natural insect repelling effect.
  2. Fight against yeast infection, flaking skin, bald spots, and excessively oily skin.
  3. Contains no preservatives and chemicals.
  4. Safe for ingestion and suitable for both dogs and cats.

This is my first time trying with them, we have a bad experience on our previous groomer but Aderline is a patient and cool groomer, she has trimmed my pup so nicely and my first time seeing her smile after grooming, even our family love it so much. Definitely will go back to her again…

Jane, Mon Jan Wu

Very satisfied with Fluffy Hearts service! My dog came back home smelling fresh and clean. Adeline was super friendly and she updated me every now and then about my dog while he was in their care. Highly recommended!

Liz Marie

They observe strict hygiene standards and is a lovely place for both the pets and family. The owner is friendly too!

Wilson Ke

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